Our Impact

Our Impact:

The impact we aim to have is for people who know Jesus, to get to know Him more. We also aim that for those who don't know Jesus, that they may get to know Him and then to get to know Him very well, to the point of following Him everyday.

We make it our aim to be used by God to impact the following communities:

The Residential communitites surrounding the I Drive area. this includes' The Wellington park area, the Kirkman Road area, the tangelo park area, the oak ridge road area, the millennia mall area, and the Dr. Phillips area. We would love to impact these areas in which their is both poverty, mediocrity, and riches with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Hospitality Community that works on or off the I Drive corridor with the love of Jesus Christ,. We want to provide convenient worship days and times, providing subsidized cost quality preschool, and with a Weekly Celebrate Recovery service for those battling addictions, afflictions, and disease. Lastly we would love to be used by God to impact the lives of those working in this community.

Lastly, we would love to impact the Visiting Community with the awesome love of God. first to provide a conveneint place for non-denominational worship on a convenient day at a convenient hour for God's people. We also would like to think that fellow believers should have a place where they can comfortably invite their family and or co-workers to worship and bible study. We also would like to be able to serve our visiting brothers and sisters in Christ when they face crisis while on vacation...sort of be their church away from their home church...