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  • Acts 8: Modern-Day Samaritans

    In ancient Israel, the Samaritans were half-Jew, half-Gentile - half God's people, but half of the world.  Pastor Robert Gordon thoughtfully examines the idea of modern-day Samaritans in the church: people who have all the appearances of Christianity but lack a heart in full submission to God.  Are you a modern-day Samaritan?

  • Acts 7: Amazing Boldness

    As it becomes less and less popular to be a Christian in the United States, the church has more and more of a need for the boldness that characterized the first-century church even in spite of fierce persecution.  Pastor Robert Gordon teaches through Acts 7, looking at the example of the first martyr Stephen and what his courageous witness means for us today.  If you ever feel like you need more boldness for Christ, you will come away encouraged!

  • New Testament Church, Part 1: What the Church Is Not

    As we transition from a "traditional" church to a house church, we're doing a three-week series on what the New Testament church looks like in 21st century America.  Pastor Robert Gordon begins the series by addressing "What the Church Is Not."  Here we are looking at misconceptions about the church that have crept in over the years, and seek to remove the blinders as we refocus on what the church was originally meant to be. You can listen to the message using the player below, or you ...

  • Hebrews 12: Abba Father Loves You

    Our earthly parents disciplined us as best they could, but nobody is perfect.  God's correction, though, is faultless: it's always exactly what we need and exactly the right time.  Pastor Robert teaches through Hebrews 12 and explains how anyone who trusts God can trust his perfect discipline as well, because God's discipline is rooted in his pure and unstoppable love for us.

  • Hebrews 11: Amazing Faith

    "Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen."  Don't you wish you could have great faith like the Bible heroes of old?  Join Pastor Robert as he reminds us that "great faith" doesn't mean being perfect; it just means following God right where you are. You can listen to the message using the player below, or you can download the message by clicking the down-arrow in the top right corner of the player.

  • Hebrews 8: The New Covenant

    One of the ongoing themes of Hebrews is, "What now?"  The Jews of the first century were struggling to understand how Jesus could be the continuation of the Old Testament prophecies, but yet eliminate the law and the system of priests and sacrifices that went along with it.  Pastor Robert takes us through Hebrews 8 in order to compare and contrast the Old Covenant and the New. You can listen to the message using the player below, or you can download the message by clicking the down-arr...

  • Hebrews 7: Jesus and Melchizidek

    The mysterious figure of Melchizidek is mentioned once in Genesis and once in Psalms.  Why does the writer of Hebrews consider him to be a forerunner of Jesus?  Join Pastor Robert as he dissects this perplexing passage.

  • Hebrews 6: Eternal Security and Falling Away

    Hebrews 6 refers to Jesus as the "sure and steadfast anchor for our soul," yet the same chapter contains warnings about falling away.  What do we do with this seeming paradox?  Pastor Robert delivers a thoughtful analysis of the controversy surrounding the idea of eternal security.

  • Hebrews 1: Jesus Above All Else

    "Long ago, many times and in many ways, God spoke to us through the prophets; but now in these last days He has spoken to us by His Son."  So begins the book of Hebrews, one of the most enlightening and most confusing books in the entire Bible.  Pastor Robert leads us through the first chapter of Hebrews, which has the dual task of showing that Jesus is the Old Testament's promised Messiah while also contrasting the old covenant of the law with the new covenant of grace. You can listen...

  • Know Thy Enemy

    Jesus said that anyone who was living for him would have a giant bull's-eye on their forehead, spiritually speaking.  Satan often targets Christians, either through outright attack or simply through discouragement and complacency, to keep us from making a difference for God.  Pastor Robert teaches us about how Satan works, how to identify a spiritual attack, and how to achieve victory through Jesus.

  • 1 John 1: Children of the Light

    What does it truly mean for us to be children of the light?  Pastor Gordon brings a teaching from 1 John about our identity in God. You can stream the message from this player, or click the down-arrow button in the top right to download it.

  • The Word Is Life, Part 2

    How do you encounter God while reading the Bible?  Pastor Gordon shares some insights on how to maximize your Bible reading. You can stream the message using this player, or click the down-arrow in the top right to download it.

  • The Word Is Life, Part 1

    Do you read the Bible for information or for relationship?  Pastor Gordon challenges us to read through the Bible in a year, not simply with the goal of finishing, but with the goal of encountering God. You can stream the message using this player, or click the down-arrow in the top right to download it.

  • Who Are You?

    Pastor Gordon shares about the things we often focus on in life and how we need to surrender our views and control over these worldly areas.

  • Jit & Robert - Father's Day

    Happy Father's Day! Pastor Gordon and special guest Jit Patel share a message about discipleship and evangelism.

  • Faith, Hope, & Love

    Happy Mother's Day! Pastor Gordon shares a passionate message about the importance of a deep rooted faith in God.  If you can obtain and hold onto this faith, hope & love will come naturally.